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11 2019-09

Longteng Culture | Choose Baiyue Yuntai, sit and watch the lights

Located in the “Millennium South Guangdong, Endless Yunshan” Yuntai Garden, it sleeps among the four seasons of flowers, staying overnight between the shadows. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, "Flower City Pearl, Hua Deng Jin Cluster" is the perfect place to enjoy the moon. The dragon craftsman with skillful craftsmanship is under the scorching sun, carefully carving the "flower viewing, moon viewing, and lantern festival" of Yuntai Garden~~~
11 2019-09

Longteng Culture | Hua Deng Road East, the islands are blooming

Japanese culture is increasingly diverse. Whether it is the inheritance of unique intrinsic art forms or the glamorous visual image stimulation, it shows the personality and charm of Dongpu culture, and at the same time it is constantly cultivating its own elegant and subtle style.
11 2019-09

Dragon Culture | Colorful lights on both sides of the strait, a total of Mid-Autumn Festival

The moon will turn into profit, the Mid-Autumn Festival will soon be approaching, and the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival on both sides of the 2019 Strait (Kunshan) will enter the countdown state. From September 12th to October 8th, the Millennium Zhouzhuang will play the gorgeous movement of “Flowers and Lights on Both Sides”!
11 2019-09

Adventure World Airborne Singapore, punch card photo to dominate friends circle ~

This Mid-Autumn Festival, I don't want to go to the moon, because many people in Vivocity in Singapore are being brought into the fantasy world by Mr. Rabbit, who wears a pocket watch in a small vest!
11 2019-09

Dragon Culture | Singapore's roof sky, different scenery

The beauty of life is worthy of your taste. THE BEAUTY OF LIFE IS WORTH YOUR TASTE The early immigrants from all over the country brought their traditional culture into Singapore. The exchanges and integration between various ethnic groups not only created the multi-ethnicity of today. A harmonious society also leaves a harmonious and integrated multicultural character, intertwined into a colorful cultural landscape, roof sky and different scenery.
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